Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Here's a very useful and highly rated teaching resource website known as Teacherspayteachers
It's created by teachers for teachers and features a wide collection of both free and paid resources for all subjects and K-12 levels. Basically, it is an online marketplace for buying and selling of original downloadable educational materials.

I have personally purchased the Grammar Comics Parts of Speech series from David Rickert for USD8.99 in 2011. It presents parts of speech exercises in a fun and amusing way through comics. It is a great collection to add to my Grammar lessons. He also has a wide repertoire of Comics exercises on Poetry, Metaphors, Irony, and even Maths Fractions. You may also want to check his website at http://www.grammarmancomic.com/rickert.html

Here's a great free resource to affirm students positively - Happy Notes. It is a good take home resource to show parents positive behaviour of students. Rather than send parents reminders about lost and incomplete assignments, why not use this instead?

Friday, 9 November 2012

Useful English Resources

Here are some useful links on the teaching of English language.

Type: Grammar
Link 1

The first link (Oxford Practice Grammar) was shared by Mrs Ho-Tan Chor Hong. It features a selection of grammar editing exercises categorised by level - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Some of us have tried it and it is a useful resource to teach the new grammar editing format. Learners are expected to identify and correct errors in given sentences.

Type: Oral Communication
Link 2

The second link was shared by Mr Patrick Timothy. He came across a useful resource from Voices of America under English Central that allows following of text and recording of speech. After which, it will compare the recorded speech against the VOA videos and give feedback (limited) on the quality of the speech. It also assesses the words that were spoken incorrectly and allows playback.

Type: Listening and Viewing
Link 3

The third link was shared at the English Language Teaching Seminar which I attended in August of 2012. Storycorp is a national collection of stories from Americans. It was aimed at providing Americans with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of their lives. Since 2003, StoryCorps has collected and archived more than 40,000 interviews from nearly 80,000 participants

I particularly love the section on Animated Shorts where they feature a collection of personal animated stories. The speaker at the seminar shared the short on No More Questions.
In the video, Kay Wang shares her personal stories with her son and granddaughter. Kay had stories to tell—from disobeying her mother and rebuffing suitors while growing up in China to late-life adventures as a detective for Bloomingdale’s department store. Kay passed away just weeks after that interview. Storycorp is an archival of personal stories.

Buyer beware, some stories may not be suitable for our audience as the Americans may reflect a set of values and beliefs that are different from ours. However, many of the audio and video tracks found on the website touch on the universal values of friendship, love and family. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


What is Edmodo? 

A social network for learning. Yes that's right, it looks and feels like Facebook. A place for teachers and students to learn.


You can use it to:
- discuss topics
- upload assignments
- grade assignments 
- online coaching
- quizzes

I joined the Edmodo community back in late 2010 as introduced by my NIE lecturer, Joyce Lee. I used it before the school switched back to AsknLearn. They were then on the Cybersphere platform which was very user-unfriendly. It was extremely difficult to use it to post quizzes. So Edmodo provided a better and more intuitive platform.

This is the Latest Post screen.

This is the 1EA(2011) class group.

AsknLearn e-learning

I created these exercises for February 2012's e-learning. Kudos to all those who managed to complete the exercises.



"We give you a blank page (a wall).
You put anything you want on it, anywhere.
Simple, yet powerful"

What can you do with wallwisher?

  • Make noticeboards
  • Post reflections
  • Bookmark websites
  • Share video links 
Tool: Collaborative network learning
Technique: During for video/website sharing or Post-Activity as reflection
Link: www.wallwisher.com

I created a wall to share video advertisements and students could post their reflections after watching the video, so it becomes a shared wall for lessons. Unfortunately, there was no time to implement this lesson.

Here's what my wall looked like and the bookmarks to 2 video links - The Big Beer Ad and Camlin permanent markers.


Here's another tool that you can use for Collaborative Writing online.

Suggestion: Collaborative Learning (CoL)
Technique: Process Writing
Tool: www.piratepad.net

AsknLearn Forums

I really wonder how many of my students actually visited the forums that I created at the beginning of the year for English language learning.

Beautiful word clouds from Wordle

This was the Word Splash that I created for teaching Advertisements. Before students watched a video from Thai insurance, they had to predict what the video was about using the key words from the Word Splash.

Suggestion: Pre-Activity
Tool: Wordle
Technique: Word Splash

Link: http://www.wordle.net/

The magic of Wordle lies in the size of the words. If the size of the font is large, it means it is a high-frequency word.

A novel way to express your love and appreciation

I love this short featuring your humble Post-it note. I like the way in which many Post-its are used to create a large collage. Notice how there is no dialogue nor conversation here. It's just music and the actors.

If you were to create a collage, what will you create? I remember when I was in Secondary 3 or 4, my class created a huge collage on the class noticeboard on the images of Singapore and Lee Kuan Yew. We tore off pieces of magazine paper and stuck them piece by piece on the board. It was a huge gargantuan effort and it took EVERYONE's effort to chip in. And guess what? We won the first prize for the Best National Day Decoration! And it was huge piece of Lee Kuan Yew was right smack on the board.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Titanpad Collaborative Writing Tool

I'm not going to review much of Titanpad. I just think it is an excellent collaborative writing tool. Much of the features has been explained by Lily at her blog http://ezitnew.blogspot.sg/
I prefer it over typewithme as typewithme is very unstable and susceptible to crashing.

Here's an example of students' collaborative work on Persuasive Speech with my input above. This is an excellent tool for process writing as the entire history of student writing is captured under the Timeslider feature.

Here's what I mean by Revisions.

Here are the various pads

Friday, 7 September 2012

New journal writing tool in exploration phase - Typewithme


I got my class to publish their journals and comment on each other's writing. The aim is to encourage ideas and content generation rather than focus on mechanical errors. This invited good participation after a very disturbing PETA video was played for them.

It even comes with a QR code for you to scan the website if you have a QR code reader. Now journal writing is ubiquitious - anytime, anywhere, anyone.

 It also allows you to export writing to HTML/notepad, so that you can rearrange their ideas and create printouts for your students. So writing can be collaborative, instantaneous and interactive! Teacher can feedback immediately.

One thing I dislike about this tool  is that it is relatively unstable, so my first version of the journal writing page was missing, so always remember to do your backups every now and then. 

The link below is for version 2: