Friday, 7 September 2012

New journal writing tool in exploration phase - Typewithme

I got my class to publish their journals and comment on each other's writing. The aim is to encourage ideas and content generation rather than focus on mechanical errors. This invited good participation after a very disturbing PETA video was played for them.

It even comes with a QR code for you to scan the website if you have a QR code reader. Now journal writing is ubiquitious - anytime, anywhere, anyone.

 It also allows you to export writing to HTML/notepad, so that you can rearrange their ideas and create printouts for your students. So writing can be collaborative, instantaneous and interactive! Teacher can feedback immediately.

One thing I dislike about this tool  is that it is relatively unstable, so my first version of the journal writing page was missing, so always remember to do your backups every now and then. 

The link below is for version 2:

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