Monday, 2 June 2014


I am currently in the process of evaluating PollEverywhere. I was hoping for a free online polling tool that will help to capture the responses of the audience in real-time. I'm using the free educational version which allows me to get the responses of up to 40 persons in a class. This was what I created and intend to do in class, albeit there may not be adequate time again. It is an English Situational Writing lesson where students are given 2 samples of a letter to mark. They are suppose to score the letter against the rubric for Task Fulfilment. To get a sense of how Cambridge markers assess the scripts, this will be a good lesson to teach comparative skills and situational understanding.

These were some of the screenshots of how I intend to invite a response from the audience. There are 4 ways that the audience can send in their responses.

For academic purposes, it is best not to use the SMS function lest people incur any messaging costs, so I have opted for the web link option instead where the audience will access my poll webpage. The free version also does not seem to allow the SMS to be sent through. I have tried a few times and it failed.

Present the results in percentage form.

There is even a pluggable PowerPoint version of PollEverywhere where it allows you to login to PollEverywhere inside PowerPoint, add slides to view your poll results instantly. I am sure there will be more practical uses of this tool in time to come. If you know of any other better free online polling tools, please contact me.

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