Friday, 5 July 2013


This is an excellent classroom behaviour management tool that will excite students and help promote better teacher student relationship.

Best of all, it is entirely free to use.

1. Create cute avatars of your students. You can even add/customise your own avatars!

2. Reward them for positive behaviour in the classroom.
    There are 6 affirmative actions available. Every positive action earns them 1 point.

3. Likewise, award them Negatives for negative behaviour in the classroom. Every negative action negates 1 point. You can even customise your own behaviours.


4. Track attendance of students!

5. Random name generator!

6. Timer function to keep students on task for assignments!

7. Generate reports to track daily/this week/last week/this month/etc's behaviour progress.
    There are 2 modes available: Donut or Trendspotter!!

Need I say more, voila, use it now!


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