Saturday, 7 September 2013

QR Codes

I'm reading up on QR codes and was wondering how it can be incorporated into teaching and learning. It will be great if students have mobile devices and a QR code scanning app that allows them to do JIT learning.

Here are some great ideas according to this website.

Top Ten Reasons:

1.Inclusive learning that meets the needs of all learners by extending or supporting learning

2.Links to podcasts to provided auditory learning materials

3.Links to videos to provided visual learning materials

4.Links to external resources - readings, journals or websites

5.Instructions how to undertake a task that can be text, auditory or visual

6.Formative assessment method where students are directed to an Forum to provide feedback

7.Formative assessment of students' learning by linking to an online questionnaire

8.Links to group activities

9.Links to 'just in time' learning

10.Engaging with outdoor learning

To create one, go to: Sparqcode

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