Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The problem with 1:1 Computer Programmes

I was just reading two related articles on technology integration in the classrooms with the use of 1 to 1 tablets. A very interesting read about how Technology Integration may fail without the proper management of these critical success factors. We all know that Apple apps are interesting and engaging in the classroom, however the LAUSD iPad experience provides valuable learning lessons for us. 

Besides the bidding process, the planning and implementation of the LAUSD iPad also ran into amok. 

Some questions for us to ponder about before a TI. 

1) Visioning - was the vision communicated well and clearly to all stakeholders? 

2) Top-down strategies - was it a case of top-down call or were there programme owners who OWNed it? 

3) Training - how comfortable are users with the platform? is a one-off training adequate? 

4) Control versus Risk-Taking - do we trust our students enough that they will use the platform for educational purposes or are we imposing so many restrictions on them because we are afraid that they will hack into our systems?

5) Parents' Concerns - how do we address parents' concerns and insecurities of using technology as a replacement for pen and paper homework?

Read the 2 articles here:
1. The LAUSD iPad Initiative: 5 Critical Technology Integration Lessons
2. Engaging Parents with Tech Initiatives

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